Beautiful Combs for Beautiful People since 1981


Thank you for inquiring about my hardwood combs. It is my 
pleasure to welcome you to the world of truly proper hair care: a beauty secret 
that has been lost in time. since the advent of plastics, the art of making 
hardwood combs has almost died out. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only 
combmaker in America. Combmaking has been my livelihood for the last twenty 
seven years. All of my combs are hand make, using special tools that I 
developed. Each comb is inlaid using two pieces of kiln dried hardwood laminated 
together, cross-grained to combine strength in both directions, a marriage of 
sorts. I am currently using 13 domestic and imported hardwoods so many beautiful 
combinations are possible. My combs are of the highest quality in both 
workmanship and materials. My intent is to see that you live happily ever 
The history and traditions of hardwood combs in the modern era, dates back into 
history over 1500 years. Still usable hardwood combs have been unearthed in the 
middle east, carbon dated to 7100 b.c. Apparently combmaking is one of the 
oldest professions. The major differences between any other type of grooming 
devise and a finely made wooden comb is measured by the ease the comb slides 
thru your hair and just how much less breakage there is using wooden combs. Wood 
and hair are quite similar. You will eliminate static electrical buildup as wood 
does not conduct. Wooden combs do not strip vital oils and do not stretch hair, 
eliminating broken and split ends. They also provide wonderful scalp massage, 
stress relief. Your hair and your appearance is important to you so celebrate it 
with your own wooden comb.